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Va 10-5345a Form: What You Should Know

The information is available for viewing but not for copying. For use only by or on behalf of those persons, entities, and government entities for whom it is produced, in accordance with Title 10, U.S.C., 831(e), to obtain a copy of their personal health records that include information of such nature as to authorize access, upon request, to all the records in the system for purposes of examination, diagnosis, and treatment by all the health care providers who have been identified in the records. Individuals who have access to this information may authorize an authorized representative to obtain such information for the individual upon payment of such reasonable charges. If the authorized representative is not the individual's own health care provider, then this information shall be provided to that provider as described in section 1033(a)(3) of title 10, U.S.C. The Department will provide copies of this document electronically to the individual on his or her request on a form approved by the Veterans' Information Program Center on Request for copies of records of personal health care provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs by email at: with the subject “Privacy Act Request for Medical Records.” Individuals who use this form must ensure such request is not addressed to an officer, employee, or agent of the Department of Veterans Affairs. The individual must identify his or her intended use of the records so that appropriate authorization can be granted by the authorized representative identified in the authorization section. The authorized representative may use the form to obtain medical, financial, or health information pertaining to an individual, unless the information is protected from disclosure under Title IV of “Federal law or regulation.” VA, and all recipients of records and records components of the federal government, shall ensure VA provides appropriate and timely authorization for the release or use of personal health information in the privacy Act electronic format. VA requests, in the privacy Act format, that an individual sign the form, including a request that the authorized representative give immediate access to a searchable copy of the records.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Va 10-5345a

Instructions and Help about Va 10-5345a

Good day, everyone. Today, I'm going to talk about how to go about obtaining your medical records, personnel records, and military records. Say, you can file and work out your appeal claims. I'm doing this video so you can avoid a lot of the mistakes I myself have made. I'm going to provide a lot of links on how to go about getting your BAC file, your personnel records, and your medical records so you can begin your claims. Also, when you're working on appeals, I'll show you how to avoid a lot of these errors and mistakes. First thing I'm gonna say is, I talk to veterans all the time, and a lot of times, I'm amazed at how many times they tell me that they have their records scattered all over the place. Records in the pantry, records in the closet. They're just scattered all over the place. So, basically, they have them filed like this and one of their clothes drawers. You know, another file like this somewhere in the closet. And some of these loose files like this somewhere in their desk drawer. And that's not gonna cut it. That's not gonna work. We were all in the military, very detail-oriented, attention to detail. There is no "they." I remember, you know, even during your CQ Law, they came by. The first thing they're gonna ask you is, "Who is that?" There's no such thing as a thank you. Here's the deal, you guys. And when I say guys, I'm talking about ladies and gentlemen as well. You guys need to get organized. It's going to take some work on your part, but believe me, the VA is not going to do this for you. If you submit a claim, all you're basically saying is, "I'm sick."...