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I'm Jesse Ventura the world according to Jesse yes every year on November 11th we honor those who have served in the US military myself included today we dive into the history of the holiday and reveal an enemy following veterans home from Iraq and Afghanistan sit tight the show starts now welcome to the world according to Jesse I'm your host bridgetta Santos Veterans Day was originally known as Armistice Day it was first celebrated on November 11th 1919 exactly one year after World War one had come to an end the truce or armistice between the Allied forces and Germany marked the end of a conflict that over 16 million people died in in 1938 Congress declared the date a national holiday and dedicated it to the cause of World Peace the Act legalizing the holiday states the 11th of November 1918 marks the end of the most destructive sanguinary and far-reaching war in human history and the resumption of peace with other nations the recurring anniversary shall be commemorated with exercises aimed at perpetuating world peace and goodwill and mutual understanding between nations the document reflected what many believed at the time that World War one had been the war to end all wars but by 1939 the United States was engaged in a second world war after a series of other armed conflicts including the Korean War Congress amended the act and replaced the word armistice with the word veterans the holiday for many is an empty gesture it does not help soldiers with the challenges they face back at home re-entering civilian life for many means addressing physical mental and financial hardships resulting from military service the federal agency tasked with helping them has been caught in a string of scandals leaving them with nowhere to go here is how our government dishonours its veterans Music govenor when you got back from Vietnam what kind of issues were veterans facing at the time and did the US government address them well you know at the end of the Vietnam War we faced many issues not only physical ones like Agent Orange defy defiant used in Vietnam that's a chemical warfare that caused cancer but we also face the fact that our politicians and our mainstream media or as the president likes to refer to him the fake media well they managed to convince the American people that somehow we the Vietnam veterans were responsible for the Vietnam War and that we were responsible for us losing that war I remember most of us Vietnam vets when we got home we didn't come home to celebrations we didn't have the National Football League honoring us on TV in fact most veterans myself included back then we hid the fact that we were veterans for probably a decade or up to ten years before we even allowed the public to know you were a veteran because we were not liked when we got home you had.


How do I get a 200+ score in the CAT if I start now?
How do I get a 200+ score in the CAT if I start now?
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